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Surface Go 2 after Surface Pro X, should I switch?


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Dear friends! I am using Surface Pro X as one device for everyday work now. I am working with tons of emails and different types of docs (Word, Excel, PP, Acrobat, etc.). I am using Microsoft 365 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Teams, OneNote, etc.), new Edge, WhatsApp, Telegram, Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. I like the Pro X very much, it has LTE (which I need). But it is a bit sluggish in Outlook, Edge, f.e.
Thinking about to switch for the new Go 2 with LTE. But I need Your suggestions. Thanks!


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Okay, nobody else has responded, so I will say:

Because much of your work seems to involve “tons of”communications, an upgrade of power and convenience (LTE) seems like a wise choice.

Now it’s just a question of money.

The Surface line is a good one, in my opinion. Sounds like you deserve a good tool for your work - and play.


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I've been surprised with the performance of my Surface Go I bought last year. I wasn't expecting much, but it has been terrific. The only con for me has been battery life. But maybe that will be improved with the Go 2? How is the battery life on the Pro X? You may want to take that into consideration if you are away from a charger in your usage.


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What version of Pro X do you have? If you have the 8GB version then the two should perform similar, so screen size should then be your deciding factor. The exception would be if you need x64 capability for an app, then move to the Go2. My Pro X replaced a Surface Go.