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Surface laptop 3 32GB RAM which CPU and availability?


Hi I'm not sure if others have seen this, but it seems that the 32GB Ram version isn't available here in the EU from the Microsoft Store.

I spoke with Microsoft support and they said the 32GB version doesn't come with AMD ryzen 7, but with i7. Then I was totally confused.

The only pre-order I seem to find is the following one:
Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15" i7-8650U 32GB 1TB Black/Aluminium (QVQ-00008) kopen » Centralpoint

But this one states the cpu is i7 8650u which is last models cpu. Maybe someone else can shed some light.
Why did Microsoft not provide the home laptop with 32gb of ram like other high profile laptops, ( Dell, MSI, Gigabyte , Mac). If I spend over £2500 I want everything . Max ram and dedicated GPU which the business model doesn't have. Why restrict the ram GPU combination. I want it for business use, large Hyper-V virtualisation labs and some gaming on the go. Seems like a lost opportunity. I think will have to chose another brand even although I love my first gen Surface Book.