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Surface Laptop 4 with Surface Dock 1 - Monitors won't wake on resume from sleep


Surface Laptop 4 with Surface Dock 1 - Monitors won't wake on resume from sleep

Hi all.
At home we've got a Surface Dock 1 attached to a couple of Dell monitors via DisplayPort, which we've been using for years with a couple of Surface Pro 3s and a Surface Go.
We just purchased a Surface Laptop 4 (Ryzen, Windows 11) for my wife, and after setting up have found that the monitors won't wake after sleep, without undocking/redocking.

Full breakdown below - any suggestions from anyone?

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Awake and in use as Standard User (or Administrator account - have tested both).
  2. Sleep using either Power button on keyboard (action definitely set to Sleep), or from Start Menu→Power→Sleep.
  3. Press either Power button on keyboard or mouse buttons to wake.
  • Laptop does wake from sleep (keyboard backlight and Hello indicators light - and can also unlock 'blind' with password), and the external monitors flash through a power standby state (as they do with SP3 & Go) but do not turn on.
  • If displays are set to Extend with an external as primary, the laptop display shows lockscreen or wallpaper (and can have windows moved to it with Win→arrows). If set to External Screen only (as preferred), no display visible.
  • Removing the Surface Connect cable and reinserting, the monitors will wake in their saved positions as expected.
Expected Result:
  • All displays that were active for the display configuration (ie before Sleep) should wake.
Additional "fixes" attempted so far:
  • In Device Manager altered "USB Root Hub" entries' Power Management to disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" as possible remedy found online. No impact.
Update -now resolved:
Replacing the MiniDisplayport>Displayport connecitons to the monitors with MiniDisplayport>HDMI was enough to resolve the issue for me. It still makes little sense as everything was fine with the same dock/cables/monitors using SP3 and Go, but maybe it is a Win11 thing or a thing with the AMD graphics drivers.