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surface pro sleeps after 2 minutes FIXED


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I've been struggling with this problem for weeks and tried many different fixes that didn't quite work but finally found one that did. I had the problem of my surface pro going to sleep after approximately 2 minutes of idle no matter what my "sleep" settings were set to in power options. apparently, there is a hidden power option setting in windows 7 and in windows 8 called "system unattended sleep timeout" which, on my surface, kicks in when I wake the computer from sleep using the keyboard / trackpad. I've read on a microsoft board that this unattended sleep feature doesn't kick in if after sleep the machine is woken up with the power button. I haven't tried it myself but went straight to this fix. I'm surprised this hasn't hit more users as I almost always wake my surface from sleep using the keyboard / trackpad. there's a site where you can download the registry entries that will enable the setting in power options:

Power Options - Add "System unattended sleep timeout" - Windows 7 Help Forums

included in that link is a registry file to enable the feature, but also another registry file that hides it in case you want to revert back for whatever reason. just download the file and double-click it to add the registry entries to the windows registry. now when you go into power options -> sleep, you'll have a new setting for "system unattended sleep timeout." I set this to 0 on my system and now all of my power settings are behaving as they should, no reboot necessary. this was really helpful on my system. I was having to reset my power options, set them again and reboot. the settings would stick for a little bit but would always revert back to sleeping after about 2 minutes which was driving me nuts!! reading the microsoft discussions, it's now apparent to me that my settings would work properly after a reboot, but after sleeping and waking with the keyboard / trackpad, it would activate the unattended sleep timer. hope this saves some folks some frustration.