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Surface Pro 2 Case


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Anyone found decent case that fits Surface Pro 2 well (that's not too expensive)? Closes size seems to be 11.6 for generic case. Like:

11.6" Waterproof Notebook Laptop Sleeve Case For HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11 | eBay


Has anyone tried fake leather like this. Similar looking products on amazon say it's not compatible for Pro 2, although most of eBay description say it is suitable.

Folio Holder Leather Case Cover Stand for Microsoft Surface Pro & Pro 2 Tablet | eBay
They don't seem to be selling Nixon in UK on amazon or eBay. (Only international delivery)
Snugg fake leather on Amazon UK was Surface case with lot of positive reviews and only one with that many reviews, although bit pricey. Thanks for different perspective on it.
What's wrong with international delivery? I got my Nixon case from eBay delivered to the UK... no problems and a decent price :)
Anyone found decent case that fits Surface Pro 2 well (that's not too expensive)?

Get this one, you won't be disappointed:

Amazon.com : MoKo Slim-fit Case for Microsoft Surface Pro / Surface Pro 2 10.6" Inch Windows 8 Tablet (Fits with or without Type / Touch Keyboard Cover), BLACK : Touch Screen Tablet Computer Cases : Computers & Accessories

Fits 100% perfectly, it offers very decent protection (tablet sides + corners) but it's main strength is that it seems to be designed properly to accommodate the Surface Pro / Windows 8 features and not blindly like "it's a tablet, let's apply previous designs".

- It does not hide the tablet bezels and lets you use the Windows 8 gestures (that begin with finders outside the viewable screen). Other cases hinder the gestures because they cover the screen bezels.

- The case kickstand has multiple angles and it also uncovers about 50% of the tablet's back while in kickstand mode, allowing it to cool better like it's designed to.

- It fits with or without the keyboard covers (it fits best with the type cover but fits quite well without a cover too).

- You can remove the tablet from the case in 2 seconds.

- It does not hide the tablet's beautiful design

I personally never used the Surface's kickstand since I got it (except once to see that it works :) )

PS: If you are from the UK, the same case is sold under another name (StilGut) here:L

StilGut UltraSlim Case V2 with stand and presentation function for Microsoft Surface Pro & Surface Pro 2, black: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories
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I use this one:Amazon.com : Nixon Sleeve for Microsoft Surface | Black : Touch Screen Tablet Computer Sleeves : Computers & Accessories, which has been a sweetheart. It's a bit pricy but it's built to last. Good padding, a safety carrying strap and a generous side pocket in which I carry my Logitech t630 mouse, extra flash drives, the stylus, a USB to SD & MicroSD adapter and Clean Screen Wipes. Stay away from the Snugg fake leather "envelope" type cases...they suck!

I bought this one by case logic: Amazon.com: Case Logic AUA-314 14.1-Inch Laptop/ MacBook Air / Pro Retina Display and iPad Slim Case (Black): Computers & Accessories

It sounds about like the case you bought only a whole lot cheaper. I've had it 2 months and it still looks like new/no problems.
Haven't ordered yet but this is by far the best site I've found. This lady just started making Surface cases including SP2.

filzstueck Sleeve & Tailoring by filzstueck on Etsy

This is my favorite...

Hi! I'm new here, and I just got my surface pro2. I've got this case:

Amazon.com: ProCase Premium Folio Case with Stand for Microsoft Surface PRO 2 / Surface PRO Windows 8 Tablet, Compatible with Microsoft Keyboard, Built-in Stand with Multiple viewing Angles, bonus Stylus Pen included (Brown/Black): Cell Phones & Acce

I really like it a lot, the case is not perfect, but works very well. The only downside is the frame that surrounds the tablet. It partially blocks the window button, but its really not that bad. The top portion of the frame might cast a slight shadow on the self cam image I but again no biggy. I have the leather version, and it makes the surface look amazing! I would totally buy this again. btw, the case comes w/ a pen/stylus.