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Surface Pro 2 Newbie from Germany


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Hey guys,

my name is Alex and I'm from Bavaria in Germany. I am currently studying mechanical engineering, so I needed a device for the scripts where I could add commentarys easyily. I first had a no-name device without a stylus. But after I tried the Surface of one of my friends, it was sealed that I need one too. So I got a 64GB Surface Pro 2 with the Type Cover, a sleeve and 1,5 years garanty left for 450€. It works very well and I am happy that I bought it.
Unfortunately, there is a yellow cloudy stripe across the right side of the screen and the display is squeeking when I press around the area near the front facing camera. I am going to call Microsoft tomorrow and ask for a direct exchange, because I need my surface everyday.
So I hope I can gather here many help and tricks and also contribute a little part to the community.