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HELP! I need a Surface Pro charger in Munich, Germany STAT!


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Long story short. I'm from Boston but taking a 18 day, around the world trip, and just landed in Munich Germany. Well, my Surface Pro CHARGER is on its way back over the Atlantic by itself. I could kick myself for being so stupid.

There are no Microsoft Stores here. I've tried Google, but I am turning up squat. Any ideas what to do? I have 68% battery left and I need my Surface for the next three weeks!


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Try to find a Media Markt (red-labeled electronic chain) or Saturn (blue labeled). They're selling Surfaces, so they should sell chargers too.


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A RT charger I believe would also work but will take longer to charge if you cant find a Pro one.


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Thanks for the tip. I found a Media Markt and they had the 24W chargers (with a European style plug, which does me no good back home, but it works great here).