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Surface Pro 2 Power Cover?


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Can't see how they price this at $199. That's outrageous.

Of course, $129 for the type cover was outrageous :-(

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I just talked to someone at the Microsoft store and she told me that the Power Cover would become available sometime in April. I hope it's closer to the first than the last!


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haha thanks for the tips... I could have sworn I tried swiping the edges on XCOM and was still stuck but some games might work better than others. I've also considered my USB keyboard but with one USB port and no dongles it's either the keyboard or the gamepad... And my keyboard isn't something I want to bring with me everyday.

I know it sounds impractical but I'm just holding out for the power cover. Until then, the SP2 is still my go to device for drawing, note taking, and general web surfing.
You could also swipe from top down to close the game.


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Yikes - April isn't ever "early" in any year! I wish they'd just announce a ship date and be done with it. I'm waiting on this, too, but I'm clearly going to have to use a stop-gap solution in the meantime. The touchscreen keyboard and my hands seem incompatible and the touch cover is only a very slight improvement over that. I have an old BT keyboard I can use when I'm home for now.

I don't understand all the availability secrecy for a product they've already announced.


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I think that it is because Microsoft is either having trouble getting the same battery as in the Surface Pro 2, which will be used inside the keyboard.
Or they are having problem producing the keyboard, as it's hard to find the TypeCover 2, and never seam to be in stock online.

Just for reference, they were talking about the power Cover since the Surface Pro 1, hence why it had the 2 metal connectors next to the keyboard connector, and they said they were working on one back then, to address the low battery life of the device.
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