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Power Cover Issue


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I just bought a Surface Pro 2 that came with a Power Cover, however, it only charges when my surface is on and not off. I could put it to sleep and charge but won't the surface go into hibernation after a few hours after sleep?(at least that what the manual says)

How else would I charge the power cover? If the surface has to be on 24/7 to charge the cover than might as well get a type cover right?


I think you may be a little confused. :)

Windows/Msoft do some messing with things for charging. The SP2 gets the first priority up to about 95% then it switches over to the cover until it reaches about 95% and then back to the SP2 until it reaches 100%. Loose recall of numbers there. :)

It will charge both with the SP2 turned off. Just leave it overnight, then remove the cover before turning it on. Check the power, then attach the cover and check power again. Mine will have both pretty close to 100%.

Yes, Sleep will terminate when the battery gets too low. It needs to do that before it gets too low run Hibernate which writes the current memory block to disk. If Sleep didn't do that you would lose any unsaved work if the battery got so low that the SP2 just slammed shut.