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Surface Pro 2 Power On Weirdness


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New Surface Pro 2 128, have done all of the updates including firmware and it still doesn't seem to consistently power on. I understand sleep, etc. Sometimes when it sits for a few hours a quick press of the power button brings it to life, other times holding the power button down for ten seconds or so turns it on, sometimes I have to hold it for ten seconds or so then release it then press it again and it will turn on.

Also there are times when it's only off for a little bit then will go through the same thing. I can press then power button and no response. Press the Windows symbol at the bottom of the screen and can feel it vibrate but no screen. Doesn't matter if I have the Type keyboard connected or not in either case.

Think it's defective or is the nature of these?

I have one day left to return it to the store, otherwise it's back to Microsoft for warranty.

Thanks for any input.


I have not experienced this myself, seems odd that the windows button is responding correctly but no display though.