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Surface Pro 2 Screen unresponsive question(s)


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Just want to check to see if anyone else's surface became non-touch responsive over the weekend like my wife's did. Trying to narrow down the issue, making sure it wasn't a software update or something weird like that.

Was initially tossing a 10/14 error on the firmware, enabled/disabled it, removed/reinstalled drivers and the firmware error went away ... but still no touch capability. Also did a system refresh but not a full recovery (waiting on a usb stick from Microsoft).

Assuming it's hardware related (would be weird, the unit is only ~2 years old) and the full recovery doesn't work, does Microsoft typically provide a replacement for these?


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Your subject says Surface 2 yet the description in your avatar says SPro 2? Could you clarify?


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Mine stopped after updating the driver. I did both a hard and soft reset. Really frustrating since I use the screen a lot to draw. I love my Surface Pro 4 but Microsoft needs to get their stuff together.