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Intermittent Touch Screen & Keyboard Issues


Hello…I was hoping someone might be able to provide some assistance for my SP2 Pro which is experiencing an intermittently disabled touch screen and odd on-screen keyboard behaviors. The issues seem to have started after upgrading to Windows 10 in March 2016.

The touch screen and the type cover-2 keyboard will work OK for ±15-to-30 minute sessions; then the touch screen will eventually become completely unresponsive and/or the keyboard cursor will start to "pulse" in the middle of the display with the touch pad not allowing for accurate cursor movements.

The touch screen and keyboard issues can be temporarily resolved by disabling & enabling the HID-compliant touch screen driver, or by using the physical start button to quickly toggle between sleep & wake modes, or via full reboot. To me, these are only temporary “workarounds” and not long term solutions that will provide the functional usage of the SP2 Pro. Note: I have not yet performed a system restore or system refresh. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.