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Surface Pro 2 turns off during sleep


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So back in December 2013 when I got the pro 2 I had the problem with the tablet shutting itself down regularly instead of waking from sleep. I believe this started happening after an update. This was a common problem then and acknowledged by Microsoft until I think in January they released an update that fixed it.

Since then for the last 6 + months no issues with the tablet at all really, now suddenly since August this whole issue has started over again right after an update. More recent updates still haven't solved it.

Literally 90% of the time when I try to wake it from sleep it shuts down first, the fan goes into overdrive for a few seconds before turning off. To turn it on again I often need to press the power button 2-3 times.
(I have not needed to do the reset by holding the power and the volume up to get it to turn on like I did back in December)

Any help is appreciated.


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Have you checked your settings in the power config? Perhaps you have it set to shut down after so many minutes... take a look into the advanced power/shutdown options and see what's going on.