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Surface making crackling sound when turned on, noise not from speakers.


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So whenever I turn on my surface it makes a crackling sound/static noise. Is comes from the top of the device and is audible but not very loud, and is independent to the speakers (it will happen if in mute or even if music is playing). The crackling sound dies off and goes away completely after about 15 seconds, but will occasionally start happening again at random.

The only action that seems to consistently bring the sound on is turning the device on, however clicking with the touch pad or touching the top of the screen sometimes causes the sound to come back, again only for about 15 seconds.

The surface has not been bumped or in any way physically damaged (only a scratch on the paint from a car key), and whatever is causing this noise does not seem to be effecting the computer in any other noticeably way, as as everything is running fine so far.

This noise will not happen while the surface is shut down, but is can happen while it is in sleep mode.

I am using a Surface Pro 128GB Model and the number in small writing on the back is 00005363153 (not sure if that useful at all), and I have had it for about 2 mounts with no major issues until now.