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Surface Pro 2 USB 3.0 - Getting USB 2.0 File Transfer Speeds - ANYONE ELSE???


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So I just received my Surface Pro 2 (128gb model) yesterday and one of the things I loved about the original Surface Pro was the fact that it had a USB 3.0 port.
I was able to reach file transfer speeds of up to 115mb/s peak with ~85mb/s sustained transfer rates. But after receiving the '2' yesterday I noticed that I was only able to max out at ~40mb/s.
I have also tried testing this with multiple drives and I keep getting the same speeds. A friend of mine bought a 256gb model and is topping out at only 50mb/s.
Is anyone else having the same issue and do you all think that this has to do with a driver problem?
I would like to see what kind of results you guys are getting.
Please post your speeds and thoughts on how we can resolve this issue.
I purchased a new Surface Pro 2 this evening from Best Buy and I was able to get back the file transfer speeds I had originally had with the original surface pro. It appears that the usb port on the one shipped to me from MSFT was defective. When I inserted the USB cable all the way into USB port it would keep connecting and disconnecting the usb drive almost instantly. Only when I would pull the plug out just a tad would it stay connected and at that point I realized that it would only read the drive as a USB 2.0 device. After much fiddling with the cable I was finally able to get the drive to be recognized as a USB 3.0 device but it was not reliable at all and would lose its connection. I am in the process of returning that unit and keeping the one from Bestbuy.
On a side note, my docking station arrived today and I love the simplicity and factory fit and finish that it brings to the table but sad that the ethernet jack only supports 10/100 connections and not gigabit.
Hi I have the same problem and it's also saying in the device that I should connect it to an usb 3.0 port. I was only getting 2-5 MB/s....