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Surface Pro 3 and Ctrl+1/Ctrl+2 screen issue


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I'm having an issue with the ctrl+1/2/3 commands that move applications to different screens when there are multiple monitors hooked up. Let me start with the background.

Recently I got a surface pro three that I am running some tests on for work. I've come across a feature that seems to be unique to surface pros and it's causing me some problems. While docked I have the surface hooked up to two external monitors and I'm using the unit itself as a monitor effectively stretching my desktop across all three. There seems to be a surface shortcut command to move windows across the screens. ctrl+1 (or ctrl+2/ctrl+3) will move the active window to the screen that corresponds to the number. Now normally this would be a nice feature but where it's giving me problems is within a citrix environment. If I load up a citrix desktop and stretch it across all screens the surface sees this as one application and treats it as such. The problem is if I hit ctrl+1/2/3 by mistake it will take the citrix instance and compress three screens worth onto the one monitor corresponding to the command and what's worse is there doesn't seem to be a way to undo this unless you sign out and back into citrix.

Now that thats all said, I'm wondering. Is there a way to disable the ctrl+1/2/3 command? Has anyone else ever tried to use a surface in citrix with multiple screens and run across this? Any ideas for work arounds? Currently I run citrix in full screen mode. I'm on a surface pro 3. Thanks!


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The problem is with Citrix. Because of this problem, I have encountered this problem, too, and found that the Windows Remote Desktop was a better solution. Even LogMeIn handles multiple monitors remotely better than Citrix at the present time.


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I was just wondering what advantage there is using the keyboard to move a window from one screen to the other versus just clicking and dragging the app over to a different screen either using a mouse or the track pad.