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Surface pro 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

Hi. First of all hopefully I'm in the right Forum and sorry if I'm not.

I have a SP3 with windows 10. I downloaded Kies 3 for Samsung. Whenever I connect my tablet, my SP3 won't accept it. It says that teher is a power surge at my SP3 and I know this is due to the tablet trying to draw power from my SP3 to charge it. I need help from the expert here the workaround of this issue so that I could connect my tablet and transfer files between it and my SP3. What I need is just to transfer some big files using the USB cable. On my tablet I can't find any setting for USB cable connection and hopefully there is in SP3.



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There are other ways to do what you are wanting. Install AirDroid on the tablet and use a browser on your SP3 to transfer files. You can also try WiFi File Transfer. Neither requires that you connect the tablet only that you be on the same network. You can also use OneDrive, DropBox, on any number of other cloud based solutions to accomplish file transfers.


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I agree with lesshor for just transferring files an app is much simpler.
Although if you needed Kies for something specific try a powered USB hub or USB Y cable.


Thanks guys. Never think about the wifi transfer before.
Occasionally i will still need to connect my tablet to check for update since sometimes it can be only updated by kies. I'll get the powered usb hub and try. Will update once done.
Out of curiosity, this did not happen before when I'm on Windows 8.1.



It has to do with the SP3 not being connected to mains. On the other hand, when it would happen to me *USB malfunction*, it would be related to my usb hub power supply not being plugged in and trying to access a hard drive and webcam at the same time.