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Surface Pro 3 can Play To TV but not Project

I got an epic Samsung 75" UHD 4k 3D etc. (UN75HU8550F) TV. Unfortunately, my epic surface pro 3 will Play To it when I'm in an app but refuses to Project to it (screen mirroring). When I try to connect through screen mirroring or WIDI, it will say connecting to [my surface's name] on the tv but then invariably times out.

Play works fine, except it limits me to sharing apps' content. I want to mirror screen.

Please let me know whether you have encountered this before and how to fix it!

Surface Pro 3
Windows 8.1 Pro

Drue Champemberg

New Member
After hours of speaking to tech support, she escalated it to the next level of tech support and apparently this is an issue they've had before with surface pro 3 and certain miracast/WiDi devices. I am holding my breath for them to get back to me with a solution.


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I do have the same problem with my surface pro 3 and my Samsung H6290. Do you have got any solution for this issue in the mean time?