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Surface Pro 3 Flickering


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That's definitely a mechanical problem. I would guess that there is an important connector for the display or possibly the backlight in the bottom center of the screen. This connection is either loose or broken in such a way that a slight amount of additional pressure causes it to disconnect.

Time for an exchange, I'm afraid.


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Hey everyone, to answer your question yes I noticed it was around the bottom center of the screen and I could touch it of move the kickstand and apply the right pressure to make it flicker or go black:

  • resetting had not effect (did it 4 times)
  • I could touch pretty consistent areas of the screen to make it flicker or go black
  • moving the kickstand back little more than halfway would make it go black
To me it felt like a lose connector or a short of some type. In any case I put in the ticket for the advanced replacement and received a different unit on Saturday that I've been trying to get set up.


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Having this exact problem on my SP3... random screen flickering. Doubtful it's just a loose connector, as it randomly flashes without me ever touching the unit.... it literally just flashes while sitting there idle. Usually touching the keyboard "wakes" it back up. Looks like it doesn't happen on AC power (that i've noticed, yet). Not sure if it started after last windows update (Win10 here).


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Hi! Were you able to solve this problem? I noticed my screen started to flicker without ceasing last Wednesday. The problem was "resolved" by Microsoft Support last Saturday but it's been back to square one or worse since this Monday (Oct 24)....my backlight is now diminished. I'm really frustrated as I have so much to do and my device behaving as it is at this time. HELP!!

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