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Surface Pro 3 Glass/possibly heat issues


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This is the same issue with my surface pro 3. Had two devices with the same case. Sharing the image on this thread as well


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John Bevil

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Had the same problem went to Future Shop here in Canada and they exchanged it without any questions. Of course it was easy because I was still with the 4 month exchange period if not would have had to take it up with MS directly.
I also own an i7 256gb and also noticed the same blemish on the screen but was not too bothered by it and decided just to keep it. I suspect it was caused by a plunger of some sort used on the assembly line, perhaps after the oleo-phobic coating was applied.


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I had a replacement surface have this same thing, the ms store replaced it, but strongly hinted someone put a hot cup on it, even tho the circle was bigger than most coffee cups.


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I have the exact same problem. My Surface Pro 3 is bought in August 2014. I noticed a strange coffee mug like stain in the center of the screen. It can't be cleaned. If I use a paper cloth it disapears, but after a while after using the touchscreen alot with my finger the circle shape comes back.

That's when I searched the Internet about this, and found this forum.

Not sure what to do now. It doesn't seem to affect the touchscreen, and it is not visible when the screen is turned on. However, since this was a € 1500,- euro device I did not expect this.


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The circle seems to be a manufacturing artifact that affects a few units the only thing you can do about it is get a replacement.


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i have exactly the same problem. injust noticed it. i care about this tablet so any other reason for this circle is out of the picture. Anyone knows if microsoft is taking care of the problem?