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Surface Pro 3, Miracast, and Antivirus

Good morning. I am having difficulty with my surface pro 3 and antivirus. In specific, I have recently used AVAST Antivirus and until a few weeks ago, did the same on my Surface Pro 3. I started out with a PTV2000 Miracvast adapter, but recently acquired a PTV3000. I am able to get the PTV3000 to work reliably if and only if I uninstall AVAST. If it is installed, I have trouble connecting to the device. With that being the case, any suggestions on antivirus which does reliably work with Miracast? Or suggestions on how to make AVAST work with the Surface Pro 3?


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I doubt Avast is any more of a problem on the SP3 than any other Windows 8.1 installation.

Resolving AV conflicts usually comes down to excluding a file for directory where something is happening like buffering the output to Miracast. Run Resource Monitor and watch the disk for activity which may reveal the directory being used during Miracast sessions. You may need to expand the columns to see... Once found exclude that from Avast.