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Wireless Video with Miracast on Surface Pro 3


Wondering if anyone has given any resent thought on what adaptor to use for wireless video. There have been a few threads on this where some are thinking about waiting for Microsoft's rumored adaptor as well as using the Netgear PTV3000 or Action Tec ScreenBeam Pro.

A lot of changes come to tech in eight months (and less). Last October we were buying the Surface Pro 2 and now the 3. Paul Thurrott wrote about wireless video last November. Here is the link http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-81-miracast.

Have any of you tried out your old (a relative term) adaptors on Surface Pro 3? If so what are your findings or recommendations.
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I'm using both the PTV3000 and the Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro, and both work well with the SP3 using the extend option but in Mirrored the External Display looks fine but it letter boxes the SP3 screen...


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No, the Xbox is a DNLA Device meaning you can use it to "Play To" which allows to stream music or unprotected videos from your tablet to an Xbox, but does not have a Miracast Receiver.


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I've had good luck with Nyrius Aries Prime for $160. I hooked it up to at work to demonstrate it with my Surface 3 in one of our conference rooms and it worked so will, my boss is ordering 3 of them. I think he's also changed his tune about the high cost of Surfaces and is probably going to start using them instead of laptops in the future, since most laptop users also wind up with an iPad also. The Surface 3 will probably come out about the same cost as a laptop & an iPad.



I use the 'play to' xbox option regularly for .avi or .mp4 files, but use my Netgear PTV3000 to play shows from comcast.com or .mkv files -- it works great.


I bought a Netgear PTV3000 two days ago, all good so far, updated the firmware right out of the box and had no issues whatsoever getting a good connection and display output.
Also, I was powering it off a 10400mAh powerbank the whole time.

Been practicing getting the whole rig up and running quickly from a dead start. I intend to present my two class presentations in the coming week with this setup. Will experiment with using HDMI-VGA converters for the older classroom projectors.

Hope to weed out any potential issues (if at all) by the weekend, so far my SP3 been getting nothing but envious glances over here. +1 for Microsoft from me. (=