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Surface pro 3 pen issues


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So I've got a pen issue and I've sort of figured out what it is. If I use the pen (in any app or program), my pen just jumps up and makes straight lines when I wanna write just above the center of the screen. I noticed that it only happens when I put my palm on the screen and then write, if I don't put my palm on the screen, I don't have that problem. So it's not a calibration problem, it's the palm rejection that's messing things up. Is there any way to solve this? I really don't wanna send my SP3 to MS, because last time I sent something back, I didn't get it back until 3 months later, I'm kinda afraid to send anything now.
I've got a i5 128gb sp3 with windows 10 on it.
I've tried replacing the battery, calibrating the screen, n-trig calibration app and sort of everything else I read on this forum.


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Not convenient, but do you see the same issue with windows 8.1. If not, then sending it back to microsoft would be futile.

Could you post a screenshot of the problem. If it is what i think it is, then i experience the same thing in win 10 and in onenote (the only place i use the pen). For me, occasionally i will start writing, and a long diagonal line will appear form the bottom of the screen to where i'm touching the pen.

This was just done in paint, but sometimes if i were to start writing at the cross, then that line would suddenly be drawn.
pen error.png