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Strange inking problem


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Hi everyone.

I'm using the pen on the tablet input panel (ie on the soft keyboard) in Word. As you know, the tablet input panel has two lines to write on.

Nearly every time I start writing on the first line, a handwritten dot appears on the second line, sometimes two or more. This is very frustrating. I've tried putting the nib of the pen on screen before my palm and vice versa. I've tried writing in the middle, rather than on the beginning of the first line. It's infruriating and is a definite drain on productivity. I have to cross out the dot(s) before I can insert the text every time I write a sentence.

Anyone else have this problem or can advise on what I'm doing wront?



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This won't be of help to you, but I am not experiencing what you described. The writing panel works as intended. Actually, I'm really surprised at how well it recognized my squiggly handwriting. I wrote out a short paragraph in Word not worrying about how long it would take to convert handwriting to text and it only made one error. Very impressive.