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Surface Pro 3 Screen Wont Turn on (powers up)


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I've had the surface pro 3 for about two months now. Twice now the screen went out but I was able to get it back on by fiddling around with a bit. But now no matter what I try the screen will not turn back on. It powers up so I am able to connect a monitor to the display port. I have reinstalled windows 10 twice and am now back to windows 8.1. I tried using a recovery USB but it fails to boot from it. It just keeps logging back into windows. I have also tried the button methods (hold power, then power and volume). The warranty on this ran out in September or else I would have taken it to Microsoft. Any suggestions? Thanks


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It sounds like your screen went bad. If it's only 3 months old it's still under warranty.


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I have had a similar problem periodically. I suspected my case may have been holding down the power button because once I cut the offending membrane off over the power button, powering on was no longer a regular problem. So check that.
Then several weeks later it acted up again. Thought it might be related to the "scan hardware" state at the time I disconnected and reconnected the keyboard.
After several fiddles, what seemed to work was holding the power button for a very long time - it could have been 30 seconds or more - then quick presses of power button. Screen awoke and no issues since. Its been a few weeks.