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Surface Pro 3 Type Cover + External mouse


Hey Guys,

The weirdest thing happened to me this morning. The Type Cover and other external devices stop to function properly. The touch screen does work though. I am forced to reboot to make it work for a little while.

It all started when I connected a second screen this morning to my Surface Pro 3. I have worked with a second monitor for over a week now.

Anyone else experienced same issue?


This happened to me once. I just detached and reattached the keyboard and turned the mouse off then on again. It has only happened to me once though. I had just pulled if from my bag to use at work, so there was no monitor connected to it when it happened.


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This has happened to me about 5 times, just with the cover not working though. Taking it off and putting it back on works sometimes, other times it needs a restart. Weird issue.


I had to restart like 3 times for it to work properly. It has been working all day now without isssue's after my reboots. It scared the shiz out of me... Hope it was a little bug that does not return lol. Or else, Microsoft FIX Pl0X