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Pro3 and Dual External Monitors


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Hi all

I have an interesting challenge that suddenly started occurring today only and I wonder if anyone can help

My set-up
Surface Pro 3 (i5, 8gb ram)
Surface Pro 4 keyboard cover
Surface Pro 4 dock/hub
2 x Apple 27" cinema monitors (migrated from my MacBook pro)

All was working fine with both monitors being driven successfully (extended desktop) from the hub and Pro 3 with Windows 10.. No issues at all (Yes DPI scaling a bit weird from time to time, though) until this morning

Left the unit(s) on and came back into the room later and both monitors were blank(off) and only Surface screen on

This is what I have tried to get both screens working again
- Unplugged all and restarted with no monitors plugged in.. Surface screen working fine
- Plugged in one of the monitors into the dock, screen came on as primary screen and Surface as secondary (fine)
- Plug second screen into dock...both ext monitors then go blank/off with only Pro 3 screen working
- Go back to one ext monitor (unplug/plug back in and also rebooting) and then plug second into Pro2 directly.. Both ext screens go blank
- Plugged in one by one (swopping monitors to check monitors themselves) ; each works by themselves (so no power/screen issues).. Only issue when both plugged into the unit at same time

Have rebooted, have done a reset (power down while holding down volume etc the reboot)

Any other ideas from anyone please??

Thank you


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Hve you tryd to power cycle the displays ? That what gets my DELL's running agine after i get problems with them.