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Surface Pro 3 W10 Issue list, fixes or no?


So, yesterday was my 5th time trying Windows 10 on my SP3 Pro.
And just as soon as it came, it went.
I've tried upgrades and full format fresh installs.
Some of these are bugs that will eventually get fixed, some of them are genuine problems that I can't continue to use a work around.

Your help, thoughts and experience is appreciated.

  1. WiFi. Not a single issue in W8.1. I can go from dock (Ethernet) to wifi around my building, zero issues. Takes a second or so to jump to Wifi. On W10, I have to manually connect to a saved, known WiFi router, any and all of them. If it goes to sleep or reboots, same thing. It simply will not automatically connect. I have other W10 mobile devices (HP Stream 7 and a Thinkpad 10) with W10, no issues with remembering or connecting to WiFi, so I've ruled out a router firmware issue (this is over 5-6 different wifi routers and home and work..btw). Same behavior regardless of it's an upgrade or fresh install. Used default drivers as well as completely removed drivers and installed Microsoft's latest SP3 drivers. No luck.
  2. Heat, fan and battery. Too much of the first 2, not enough of the third.
  3. Icon/DPI settings. I set separate DPI for my main tablet display and my 23" external monitor. Icon sizing undocking and going to the tablet is a problem, they're tiny despite everything else being ok. If I reboot, it's all fine without any changes.
  4. Is there a way to make the keyboard pop up every time you press it, regardless if you use the pen or your finger. I get how it works by default. But I often browse websites with the pen. I can't be the only one...
  5. OneNote. I used the Surface App to have it open OneNote 2013 desktop by default when pressing the top button, still does not work.
Those are my issues. 1 and 2 are deal breakers as this is my only device for work and home, play and business.
I literally take it from the dock in my office one minute, to out on the floor, in a warehouse, in a conference room for a meeting...all day every day.
I've deployed several in my company for the road warriors. What they can do with Office products and the pen has made their routine simple, easy and efficient.
Love the device, itching to get on W10...but I simply can't reliably just yet.

I have several desktops at home and work running it without issue. I plan on purchasing a SP4 the moment they're available. But SP3 Pro being MS's flagship device, this stuff should just work and work well.

Thoughts fellow members?