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Surface Pro 4 screen flickering


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I have a 6 months old pro 4 and the screen has started flickering the last months.
This begun around the first days of September, I thought that it should be a driver problem or an app compatibility issue.
The last days I have tried everything, (drivers, recovery, fresh install, recovery from usb) but the problem still persists, even in the UEFI menu.
Usually it happens when I have a maximized app and almost all the time when I have the settings screen maximized.
Another example, when I have the Firefox running and I refresh a page, sometimes only the task bar is flickering and only while the page is refreshing.
Example from other users:
After a lot of tests I can say that this only happens at the max resolution (2736x1824) and at 2560x 1600. When I set it to 2048x1536, it is working ok.
Also it is not an app compatibility issue as this happened after the new installation, without any other app installed.
I have contacted Microsoft support, but they don't seem to know a lot about it and they offer me a replacement as my guarantee is still active.
I am a ready to send it to Microsoft, but I am a little concerned about the condition of the device that I am going to receive, as I have read a lot of complaints regarding the refurbished units that are sent as replacements.
Mine is like new, and the battery is also in a perfect condition, and if this is a software problem and not hardware, I do not mind to wait a little bit for a fix.
I would appreciate it, if anyone knows anything more about it and can help me.

Thanks in advance
Hi..I had 2 SP4s that had screen flickering issues. The first one started with flickering in the task bar area similar to your second video. It started as a bit of a nuisance, but it got worse over time. I would definitely send it back while you are under warranty. I think it is definitely a hardware problem. I understand your concern about getting a refurbished device, but all of the units I have gotten back as a replacement have been solid devices. My last trade in was done at the Microsoft store, so I didn't have to go thru the whole mail in experience. Good luck.