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Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!


Now that the Surface Pro 3 has released and everyone has probably either received or at least played with one in the store. So with that, what are you looking forward to in the next-gen Surface? I just ask that you all be realistic with your expectations. SO let's not ask for 6 full sized USB ports, a resizable screen & a built in print device.

I've being using the Surface RT since Day 1 and was tempted to upgrade to the SP3, but I'm going to hold up for the next gen OS & Surface to ship. I just have a feeling it will be worth the wait.

-Next Gen Intel Broadwell processors
-The expected --- improved cooling, battery life, thinner, lighter
-Eliminate the 64GB option w/o increasing the price from $799 --- so the entry level model would be Intel Core i3 / 4GB Memory / 128GB SSD --- although I would prefer the standar memory be 8GB, with the option of 16GB, but that is probably reaching with the increased prices of memory.
-Reduced TypeCover pricing at $75, I feel this would be a happy median between consuemrs and Microsoft. Even though it's not bundled, the price is reasonable. The current $129 is pretty outragrous in my opinion.
-Implement PureView technology into the Rear Facing Camera --- as it stands now, the Surface camera's all terrible for pictures and video.
-USB 3.1 support
-An innovative way to attach the pen to the Surface.
-Dedicated nVidia graphics for atleast the higher spec i5 & i7 models --- additional storage and memory aren't enough to justify the price gaps they create. Plus this will keep nVidia happy if Microsoft chooses to kill the standard Surface model --- thus taking a lot of money out of nVidia's pockets.

From an OS standpont, which I'm assuming the SP will run Windows 9 / Threshold.
-I'm fine with the Modern UI remaining, but it needs a SERIOUS face lift. The current UI's built in backgrounds and themes are just childish and appear that they were designed with 3-12 year olds in mind. Modern UI needs to take a cleaner, more mature approach. No for "guessing" required for how to navigate the UI. They need to take the look and feel of Xbox Music & the current Windows Store and expand that look throughout the modern UI and desktop. Windows 9 needs a UI that's simply welcoming and gets you excited when you see it.
I'd basically just prefer an improved SP2 - same size, just see if it can go an thinner. Cheaper type cover etc.

Also, lets have it in black again, please. It looks so good, it just needs a thicker coat of paint.


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- a third keyboard, which I'll conveniently call "the hard cover". This one should be heavier then touch/type cover, carry an additional battery and be able to lock the surface in so that it actually works and feels like a laptop.

- Bundles. Instead of buying the surface and all accessories seperatly, make bundles that include a docking station, keyboard covers, etc.

- this one might require some creative engineering: an additional stand so that it can also be used in portrait mode; without losing the current stand in landscape mode.

- more accessories in general. Thinking about things like that razor tablet or whatever it is called... where you have a "docking" for the entire tablet, which changes the thing into a handheld gaming device (this thing: http://assets.razerzone.com/eeimages/products/7373/rzr_edge_ctrlwtab_v01a.png)

- more general for windows 8.x : PLEASE provide an application platform using the technologies of "metro apps" that allows us developers to create desktop applications that are sandboxed, distributed through the store, can subscribe to win8 contracts and can use a live tile. Without this, windows RT will never take off.


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I also wouldn't mind 'the hard cover' lol, made from the same material as the Surface that indeed, locks it. Okay, I'm basically looking for a Surface laptop... but there certainly are cases where I do like to remove the keyboard.

I wouldn't mind seeing a smaller bezel, and... the bloody Windows button moved back to the centre!

Regarding to anything Surface related, I want a 32-46" Surface TV set :p much like Google will be getting Sony to make with their Android TV sets next year. Man, that'd be a beautiful device, although I guess it would go against what the Surface stands for which is touchscreen.


I think it would be nice if I could "lock" the kickstand. When it is at a certain angle, I can't put much pressure on it at all or else it will just fold all the way down. So a way to "lock" the kickstand so I can rest my hand on the screen as I write and it doesn't self adjust.


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It's a nice idea but how are you going to use it in your hands? Maybe thinner on two sides would work like with the iPad Air.


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A few things would make it perfect. Of course, overall in a lighter package is always welcome and less bezel.

I would like to see them incorporate the pen in a silo. It is just tacky as a tacky sticker loop.
Although, I think it'd be nice to have an extra usb 3, I think going to a single mini usb 3 would suffice.
I want portability, and a thinner tablet. Those two things won't happen i'm sure, so a compromise would be just incorporate the pen already. I don't care about a few grams here or there with the pen.
If Broadwell will make up the same battery life as SP3 with the weight of one battery pack removed, plus the weight of the pen, i'll be happy.

Maybe a portrait stand in the upper area above the current stand using the same friction hinge.

How about a type or touch keyboard that connects into Surface using the same friction hinge? If it's that robust, I don't see why it couldn't act as the base for the hinge at the bottom of a tablet. When closed, it would work like a cover. Opened, it would act as a somewhat rigid keyboard alternative to those that have issues with it being top heavy. It would be a true convertible.
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