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Surface Pro 6 JUST NOW installing Marvell Driver updates from August?


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Just ran windows update tonight and two updates installed immediately and required a reboot. one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for Bluetooth and the other one was a Marvell Semiconductor update for "Net". What was strange was that the updates are dated for 08/09/2019.....so my Surface Pro 6 did not install the update for 3 months? Not just "automagic" updates, but also when I go into Windows Update and force it to check for updates?

Regardless, I did notice a minor performance increase during specific tasks. For example, applications launch faster. Edge, Facebook, File Explorer,...all take less time to come up and load content. Not complaining, but just thought it was strange behavior. Anyone else get this update recently?


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….I mean, the Surface Pro 6 was pretty fast and responsive already, but NOW.....it's damn near instant when I open Edge or other apps. Not sure how much of a hit my battery life is going to take, but I'll see with time.

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