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Surface Pro 6+ in the enterprise


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Curious about the Surface Pro 6 or higher in the enterprise. I have had a Surface 3 (non-pro) which understandably had issues because it was the lower end Surface, but the issues with it were eventually resolved in the following months. Several companies used iPads for the enterprise and those attempts have failed horribly as well. However, on my Surface Pro 6, especially with Win 10 1909 and the Marvell driver updates I have had quite literally no issues using it for almost ANY task. I had issues with the Docking Station that were fixed with the firmware update for the Docking Station. I look at my current place of work and see the HUNDREDS of issues that are occurring on their non-Microsoft computers and think that the Enterprise Surface Pro program from Microsoft is a great option since they just replace the Surface Pro with another if there are any broken parts, etc. No need to replace the motherboard, ram, cpu, hdd, JUST to find out that the entire unit just needed to be replaced in the first place.

So I am on here wondering.......how many of you all are using Surface Pro 6s, 7s in the enterprise RIGHT NOW and how have they been? I also mean Surface Pro 6s and 7s that have all of the firmware updates, windows updates, and drivers installed, ie: Windows 10 1909, all drivers up to date and are on a Windows Active Directory Domain with like 20+ Surface Pro 6 or 7 devices....


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We have over 150 Surface devices deployed, Pro 4 and up and Surface Laptop and up, Surface Book and Surface Book 2 and a couple of Surface Studios and a Surface Hub. All deployed in a Hybrid Azure AD configuration with a plan to go Cloud Native in the next couple of months.

Microsoft has a about 60% of their workforce with Surface devices.