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Surface pro 7 battery life questions.


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I have recently been borrowing a surface pro 4 from someone (intel m3) as I have been thinking about getting a surface pro for myself to use for note-taking so I wanted to get used to the device and see what it was like to use.

I have found that I have been able to comfortably be able to get about 6 hours from the battery life of the surface pro 4 with microsoft edge (chromium) and one note (2016 office version) open and being actively used while the computer is in power saver mode.

I have heard a lot of complaints about the battery life of the surface pro 7 here, with the battery for the surface pro 4 being smaller than the battery of the surface pro 7 am I likely going to be able to get the same or more battery on the surface pro 7 (i7) or is the m3 a lot more of a power-efficient CPU and the i7 CPU is the culprit for the battery drain of the surface pro 7?