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Surface Pro Back Protector with Grip?


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I've tried decal girl, XO and stickerboy. I like the stickerboy ones the best. granted the decal girl purchase was right when the original surface came out and their cuts werent quite right. they sent me a replacement when they sorted it out but I already had another skin on it by then. if you've seen stickerboy's "extreme fit" on an iPhone, it shows how exact their cuts are. the skins are thick enough to be very durable, looks the same now as about a year ago with heavy use. I dont use a case so I cant comment on that. honestly never thought it needed one after applying the skin but it isnt any problem slipping into the surface dock if that helps at all.


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I don't think that there is going to be a problem with a skin on the back of a surface fitting in the freedom case.


So even the solid color antibacterial stickerboy products improve grip? Or do only the textured ones like carbon fiber improve grip?


I've just received my Surface Pro 128GB and I'm getting everything setup. One thing I'm finding a little annoying is the slickness of the front and back surfaces. Has anyone found a skin yet for the back that provides a little "grip" for holding? There are quite a few full body protectors showing up, but none talk about improved grip.

Clear of otherwise if fine. I'm more interested in function.....


I always like to put carbon fiber skins on my notebooks and tablets both and am partial to BodyGuardz and Skinomi. Right now I have my SP3 skinned with a Skinomi and it protect my Surface going in and out of the bag very well and works with the port replicator just fine.