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Surface Pro - Blurry Text, Hard to Focus


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Hello SF,

I have had the surface pro for about 3 weeks now and fear I may have to return it. I have the hardest time focusing on text on the screen even though I have "perfect" vision. It just seems like my eyes take a second to focus in on the text and most of the time it ends up looking overly bright and fuzzy.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? I am have been hoping that my eyes would adjust but so far no such luck. At times it almost seems my eyes cross and then they start to water and the headaches come rolling in.

Any suggestions would be great.



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I haven't noticed anything like that. Have you lowered the brightness? I thought my SP was too bright out of the box. I've lowered it quite a bit. If nothing else it helps save power.


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Try Charms Bar > Settings > Change PC settings > Ease of Access. Play with High Contrast and Make everything on your screen bigger.


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I noticed that if my lower my resolution to 1600x900, the text are blurrier than if I keep my resolution at 1920x1080 with 125% zoom.


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Have you tried calibrating the screen color manually. While doing so, you can adjust the text.


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Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions, I will be home in about an hour and will try these out.

Also this is not my first tablet, I believe this is my 10th ranging from the iPad, multiple android tablets, most recently the nexus 10 which had a higher res than the pro.


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You may also want to go through the clear type setup process.
This is what I was getting at with the color calibration but could not remember the name...:LOL:, can you just do the clear type without color calibration


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ClearType has nothing to do with color calibration.
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I calibrated the clear text and it makes the text a little better. Is there a place to adjust the LCD settings (color contrast)?
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