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Surface Pro Browser Issues


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Hey all,

Let me preface this by saying I love the Surface Pro hardware. I use it primarily for work, I've loaded AutoCAD on this and combined with LogMeIn and OneNote it really is a powerful tool for being on the go and being able to remotely set up wherever I want and not feel limited like I did with an Ipad or Android tab. That being said....

Does anyone else experience Internet Explorer crash consistently? It stops responding to touch or keyboard input and basically just locks itself. The Surface itself is taking in the input as I usually end up going to Google to keep web browsing, but this is *extremely* irritating. Normally I'd just use another browser but no other one is optimized for Windows 8/Metro or whatever they want to call it these days. Firefox and Chrome are buggy and in beta still, so I'm not sure what to do. Inconsistent browser functionality can render the tablet useless at times as I am completely dependent on IE10 to work to get anything done and browse the web consistently. Has anyone else had similar issues? Any alternatives I don't know about?



If the crash is happening with the metro version, the answer is yes. It tends to be inconsistent except if I go to WP Central, which crashes every time. Generally I can "fix" it by going onto Internet Options (desktop) and clearing cache (delete browsing history). This buys me a couple of days, except for the WP web site. Highly aggravating.


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Yes. I have had similar problems with IE 10 and hate it. I am about to roll the Windows7 box Im posting from back to 9. 8.1 preview offers 11 and so far its better but still flaky. All I can say is Chrome or Firefox for now.


Yep, actually much worse than 3 months ago. Had it freeze 4 times this morning. And I have turned off the Marvel adapter and attached an external WiFi adapter which gets excellent reception.
I have the problem on both my Windows 8 units. I'm glad I bought the Pro and not the RT; I'm definitely glad I can use Chrome. So far it has been bullet proof.


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I used to have the same problem as Rvacha: accessing WPcentral forums caused IE to lock up. However, today, after loading the new firmware update, IE seems to work fine with this forum whereas previously IE consistently locked up. Coincidence?



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I don't have so much of a crashing problem but more of a functionality problem. Just now I had to manually select the keyboard because every time I tried to enter some text the keyboard would drop down (this was in the metro browser).
My main problem is on web pages that have forms or popups. IE just won't work half the time and I am forced to use Chrome which works just fine. Also, just now, when I try to subscribe to this post via email the drop down doesn't work. I wish MS would fix their browser issues because this is just a pain in the arss.