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Surface Pro for import : is it possible to change the language

Michael Polla

New Member
Hi ! :)

I'm thinking of asking a friend that is actually in the US to buy a Surface Pro and get it back for me, as I live in Switzerland.

  • When the Surface is first launch, can we choose the language ? Or is there a way to change it afterwards, as my native language is French...?
  • Is the plug-in adaptor compatible with 220V (like most of the mobile chargers, for example) ?

Thanks in advance :D



Yes, you can add a language. It is under Control Panel | Clock, Language, and Region | Language

The charger itself can run from 220V but of course you will need to use a European-style AC power cord (or plug adapter)


Not sure on US/Swiss law, but might be worth checking for any warranty implications (if any).
I've just brought one from UK to Australia. Region changing just the same as non-RT Windows. I forgot about keyboard layout though (but that's no biggy for me).
My mains brick only came with a UK adaptor, but it can be easily detached and replaced with a standard mains cable ($4). I prefer this as the mains cable was too short for any practical use.

Michael Polla

New Member
Hi !
Sorry for the late reply... thank you, both of you ! Reading your positive replies, I asked my friend and TADAAAA, now I've got my own Surface Pro !

Like you said, I just had to change the cable to the AC adapter (easy to find as it's the same for laptops etc...), and change some settings (region,...).

After one week using it, I can already say it : I LOVE THIS TABLET ;), it was really a good choice.

Thanks again !