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How to install in a different language

Steen Rabol

New Member
I am living in Spain and got my Surface Pro 3 from the Spanish Microsoft Online Store.
During initial installation, I can choose Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.
Is there a way that I can select any other language?
Yes, I know that I can change the language after installation, but there is still reference to the 'original' selected language


Active Member
My welcome screen is still in Japanese, so in short no. For a global corporation Microsoft is extremely myopic. They want to mold us all into the same little form.

Steen Rabol

New Member
Download the Multilingual User Interface language pack.
No - will only change the UI, there will still be referene to the original language.

The solution is; contact support and ask them to give a new recovery image - I'm trying that as we speak.


You can download and install your language as mentioned by GreyFox7.
Reboot after installation and uninstall the language not needed. I did the same.