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Surface Pro for write-in PDF Form Filling


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I work in the insurance industry and many of my colleagues are going to an iPad pro and the Noteability App to go paperless in their business. Many insurance companies still use paper applications however provide a PDF copy to the Agent in order to print out for use. Many agents are using the iPad to take digital applications into the home so they can use the iPad pencil to write the applications. It works great with the notability app. I'm considering using the surface pro 4 instead because it has some other advantages over the iPad pro. However, I want to ensure that I can find suitable software to be able to hand write these digital forms. I understand there is a fill and sign feature in acrobat but it seems limited. Here is what I want at a bare minimum:

1. Easily import a PDF document
2. Write on that PDF document in a realistic looking manner so that when printed it approximates the look of a paper form filled out by hand.
3. Easily export the PDF with writing flattened onto the document and can be easily opened by any PDF reader

I believe the surface pro 4 has the hardware capability to approximate hand written documents. However, what software would be best for ease of use that meets these requirements? Any other comments about how to make what I want to do easier would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



Drawboard app handles that easily, but if legacy software is your thing, then Bluebeam Revu is a full feature software that does more than that. Also PDF Annotator is another good leagcy sw.


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Foxit Reader is a great PDF reader that has full features for writing, typing, signing and even applying stamps to pdf files.


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Having used both Drawboard and Xodo extensively, I just find the latter to be more stable and possessing a much cleaner layout. As of now, I use Xodo, but I will maintain - as I have done so consistently - that one of the glaring lackings in the Windows App store are PDF apps (at least at the level of what I have experienced when using the iPad - for example, PDF Expert, among others).

And while perhaps directly connected to this, another lacking are good EPUB reading apps though I am increasingly becoming a fan of Lightreader, which is clean, spartan and quick.