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Surface Pro Heat and Battery Life


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So I got my 128gb surface pro yesterday, which was on a monday. I must say that I am loving it quite a bit.

One concern though is I find that it gets quite warm. I can tolerate it, but my fear is that heat tends to speed up the death batteries, and more so since the battery is contained very tightly in the body of the device somewhere, where as laptops usually have it somewhat sticking out. This is especially a concern since I find the battery life to be very short to begin with.

Is anyone else finding that their surface pro is getting quite hot? Also, what kind of battery life are you guys getting?

Well I dont own a Pro, only the RT, but I did check one out at Best Buy and when I picked it up, it did have a warmth to it while just sitting there on the display. So yeah, you're going to get some warmth from the Pro. As for the battery life, cant help you there.
I'm sure the design is fine. I wouldn't worry about the heat. I checked out about 6 Pro's at the Microsoft store and all were warm. I bet if you play a grahpics intensive game for a long period it would get a lot hotter. I've heard the battery life is better than the nay-sayers said. Closer to 5 hours than 4.
When I used my Pro for a while I did notice that it got quite warm, but not uncomfortably so. The fans inside definitely do their job. Battery life is ranging from 4.5 hrs to 6.5 hrs depending on how I use it. The last 2 days I've only used it for a little bit compared to my first 2 days with it. I haven't had the chance to gauge how long it lasts just from watching videos, or using apps, playing games, and any combination in-between, etc. Are you seeing short battery life, souldier?
I was seeing about 3 hours. Though, that was because I was setting up everything, using hard drives, external dvd drives, and installing a lot of files. Perhaps now that I got that stuff out of the way, I should be getting better battery life. I just hope the battery won't degrade too much as I want to keep this device for at least 2 years. I stil have 2 weeks to see if I want to really keep the surface pro. I absolutely love it, but I am on the road a lot and need good battery. If this doesn't work out for me, I might have to settle with the Acer W700 which has 6-8 hours of battery
I am getting 5 hours between one note, IE, and streaming playback. The only time I've ever had the fan come on (or at least noticed it) was running a game at full res. Other than that I don't think they've activated. The tablet gets warm but has never gotten hot. If you are concerned about the warmth, you can go into advanced power settings and set the fan to always run. That would add to battery consumption but reduce heat, it's a trade-off. I wouldn't worry about it personally, but if it is getting hot to the touch from normal non-intensive use, you may want to call support and find out if there is a manufacturing issue.