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Surface Pro HOT... During sleep and charging


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Not sure why this is happening sometimes.. there must be something running while its sleeping and charging.
I have it plugged in all night charging and sometimes the SP is very hot when I pick it up, other times it's not.
Usually I restart it and then it runs cool but then after a week or so I'll have it charging all night and its super hot when I pick it up.
Any ideas why it runs hot even if its showing a fully charge battery??
Yeah, because it's not sleeping...because SP sleep stuff is buggy as hell especially if you rely on auto-sleeping.

IF you don't have a touch cover attached AND you push the power button to sleep, it sleeps reliably. But if you don't do those things, various programs can keep the machine awake.

(DISCLAIMER: Many owner report different problems and solutions to sleep problems so take the above with a grain of salt)


Yeah I had this issue when I first got my Surface Pro. I would pick it up in the morning and find it's still hot - and that's because it wasn't sleeping. skellington is right on the money - auto-sleeping issues.

I did some trial and error with it and eventually I just set it to shut down when I press the power button. It boots up so quickly it's not much different from being in sleep mode. I thought it would be a problem but in the end it saved a bit on battery life too so now I just shut it off when I'm not using it.


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I figured something was running in the background.. Wondering if any figured what it was? Thanks for the info

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