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Surface Pro 'connected, not charging' issue


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I have bought a Surface Pro 1 about 6 months ago because it seemed like a nice device. After using it for a while it's actually ok even though it sometimes makes me very annoyed. The biggest problem I'm having is connecting the charger to the device.

Sometimes I can connect the charger without any problems, but at other times (sometimes while in class, I think you can imagine how annoying this may be), I can try connecting the connector like 30 times and the device will keep saying "Connected, not charging". Eventually I can get it to charge (sometimes by moving the charger a bit from side to side) - look at the video a bit lower - .

I don't know what the issue might be, sometimes I'm thinking it might be the device itself because the charger sometimes doesn't seem properly connected.
But it might also be a software issue because I'm having this a lot of times when the device has recently been used so then it's still a little hot.

Here's a video where I can get the device to charge after moving the charger a bit (I got lucky to get it to charge this fast tbh):
This would be a situation where the device would say it's actually connected, but it just won't charge (until where the light lights up).

I hope someone here can confirm this being an issue, or possibly have a solution for this? I expected a little more quality from a device that cost me over 700 euros. Thank you. :)


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Try this, shut the device completely down...

Hold the volume rocker up while pressing the power button, this should boot you into the UEFI Screen, exit without making any changes and allow it to reboot.

See if this resets the Battery....

Next thing I would do if that doesn't help is run the battery down to 10% or less and plug back in and attempt the above. If this doesn't help it is possible that the Power Subsystem (Physical) is at fault, but before going down that route I would reset the device first.


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Look at your connector pins and contacts on both sides to see if any are depressed from the others. also it might be useful to try a different charger, either a friends or at a local store. There could be a flakey connection in the cable coming from the charger to the device.