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Surface Pro - how many recharge cycles prior to significant battery degradation?


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Here is an example:
Laptop X, 27 mo. old, battery load cycles 18, design capacity 6700 mAh, current capacity (after 27 mo.) is now 6295 mAh or a retention of 94% of original capacity.
6% in 27 months, not very much...


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But the again, a blc of 18 in 27 months isn't really a lot.

Not really that many blc but even if you take 10 times that so you are at 180 blc in 27 months and you are still only about half way to the 300 blc in just over 2 years. At the higher 10x rate that is still at least about 4 years of use :)


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I take it to mean that even if you run on AC via the adapter and run an occasional on battery session the BLC will be averaged out over the life of the Li-Ion battery and the device. Of course it is not a bell shaped curve and will no doubt drop drastically at any given point in the total life of the pack. I guess it really points out that the life can be extended and is quite long really if you take care to "exercise" the battery pack occasionally. Another user may find the same results or different results based upon their usage style.