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Surface Pro battery problem


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hi guys, my surface pro is having an issue with its battery.. its stuck on 0% and when i plug in my charges the battery charging moves for about 3 times and stops.. it says 0% and battery is charging. tried to use it for about half an hour and the battery wont drain.

this just happened a few hours ago. Left my surface open until it runs out of battery. right now im at work and im hoping that once i get back home it will be fixed already
problem is i let a friend of mine who went to singapore buy it for me. i live in the philippines and i really hope the battery will be fixed once i get home. wouldnt want to get it shipped from here to singapore just to have it fixed
If you haven't done so already, I suggest doing a search for pro battery problems or battery gauge or similar wording. Others have commented on this same exact problem and what they did afterward.
Actually, I was referring to this forum. I've read a thread or two on this very subject on this forum…just can't remember which one it was!