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Surface Pro is comin in weeks to the UK


Several site are reporting the Pro will be available in the UK, France, Germany and Australia in a few weeks...

Can hardly wait for it to show up.


I life in Germany so i hope MS gets the work done and releases the Surface Pro in end of March. Unfortunately i don't believe it because MS barrely can deliver enough units for the US and Canada.

So the answer is, we don't know for sure but starting in late march, it will hit new regions.

Maybe we will get more news during the Cebit next week.


yes, MS did everything they could to damage the Surface image...

My latest timeframe for buying the Surface Pro is April. If i can't have a Surface Pro in my hands by April, i will skip it. I'm sure MS is already working on the Surface Pro 2 with a Intel Haswell or AMD cpu and i don't think they will like to miss the shopping seasion in December again. I expect the Surface Pro 2 by end of this year.

Let's wait and hope the best.