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Surface Pro not connecting to any Microsoft Services


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Hello fellow users, I just purchased a new Surface Pro, and I am having trouble with it connecting to Microsoft services. The most obvious is the user service, I cannot, for instance, get it to add my Microsoft account. I can only use a local account, whenever I try to use a Microsoft account it tells me that the service is unavailable (I have 3 other Windows 8 machines using the same account). On top of that, my clock will not update to the correct time/date, and I am getting certificate errors on almost every webpage I visit (google.com and this site included). I *was* able to run Windows Update, but everything else doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions?

If the date is wrong, or perhaps advance, the certificates technically is expired, hence the certificate error. What is its current date?
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Try manually adjusting your time and date. Then try visiting the web and logging into your account. If all is working then turn auto-time back on.