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Gmail Works OK on Windows 8 Pro Laptop/ Service Unavailable on Surface Pro Tablet?


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Alright I am seriously stumped. I just bought a new Windows 8 Laptop and Surface Pro both with Windows 8 Pro on them.

I was able to go in to the mail app and add my Gmail account in the mail app with no issue on my laptop. I added the account to the calendar app and it worked with no issues.

With the surface pro I attempted to add the account and I get a message saying Service Unavailable. I added the gmail account on the surface as a IMAP account and it worked fine. Now my only issue is when I go to the calendar app I have the same issue when I try to add the account "Service Unavailable". This time I have no work around. Anyone else had the same issue?


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Not sure why you're experiencing that. My calendar app is working perfectly and I use it every day. It synced with my google calendar. My mail app is also connected to my gmail, and there are no problems there either. Hope you get to figure it out!