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Surface Pro Pen Not Getting Detected


Lol. Guys (and Gals) the pen IS powered. You put two batteries (or should have) when you opened the surface. There are 4 batteries in it.

Didn't you read the instructions? Two batteries are in the pen area. Unscrew it. Then there are two batteries in the head. You have to unscrew the pen then once it is unscrewed, using a small watch screwdriver, unscrew the battery compartment in the head.

Try new batteries. The pair it.

To pair your pen, hold down the top button until the green light comes on. Then turn your sp3 Bluetooth on.

That's the pen on the SP3, it's bluetooth, with batteries. The SP1 and 2 are inductive, either the pen is bad (you can buy a new one for about $30), or the screen isn't sensing right. If touch is working, it is probably a setting, or try removing the type or touch cover with the surface shut down, then reboot and try the pen again.

Markus Stenemo

New Member
My problem is different from what is described here, it is working fine most of the time, but sometimes it stops working completely, only to start working again a few seconds (or minutes) later. Has anyone experienced this?