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Surface Pro Stylus and Windows 8.1/Sketchbook Problem


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Hello all,

I thought I would share some of my upgrade woe with you guys.

Like, presumably, everyone else...my stylus stopped working upon the upgrade from 8 to 8.1. It was no big deal for me. I downloaded the WACOM Feel drivers and everything started working again and all was happy and right with the world... Well, not quite. One of the reasons I bought a SurfPro was to learn digital painting, for which I am making notable progress. However, ever since the upgrade I've been having a problem with the stylus in Autodesk SketchBook Pro (desktop, not Metro/Modern).

The issue I'm experiencing is that the stylus behaves very erratically from time to time. I will be drawing along when I need to adjust the luminance of the color I'm using... So, I swipe the color puck in SketchBook with my stylus when, suddenly, I lose all control with the stylus. The puck starts flashing, the pointer fixes on a small area and starts moving randomly within that area of the screen. Eventually, some control will return to the stylus, but if I try to tap the screen, it registers as a dozen taps... For example, if I try to add a layer, it registers multiple clicks and adds about a dozen layers instead of just one. If I use touch control, I have no issues. It's all the stylus. It might be there's an issue with SketchBook, however I have seen some - though, not as much - erratic behavior outside of the program (I don't often use the stylus outside of SketchBook desktop). Given some of the other issues with the stylus that have been reported, I feel like a driver issue is more likely. To date, my only solution to the problem has been to set it aside for a few moments and then try using it again. Rebooting/recalibrating seems to have the same effect and the issue eventually crops up again over the course of about 30mins to an hour of drawing.

Anyway, I was hoping someone might offer some suggestions or express similar distress after the update.