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Sketchbook Pro 6 - stylus doesn't match stroke


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Hi, I am trying to use my stylus with Autodesk Sketchbook 6. For some reason, it started doing something odd - wherever on the screen I press the stylus, the actual stroke/mark that my pressing it shows up about two inches northwest of where I'm pressing. This does not happen when I'm using the touchpad or mouse, only the stylus. Obviously this causes problems with the software's usability, so I'd like to get it fixed asap.

I tried calibrating and reinstalling the driver, no luck. I'm looking into this as a Sketchbook software problem. However, it has happened before with Corel PhotoPaint; in that case it happened with both mouse and stylus. I worked around it for short time and it went away and hasn't come back. Until now in Sketchbook. So, anyway, since it's happened in two different applications I am guessing it's a windows/surface problem, so I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas how to fix. Thanks.